NatCon Building Contractors are dedicated to helping our customers create their ideal home extension. Our team have all of the skills to see your extension project through from inception to completion. Covering parts of Sussex, Surrey, Kent & South London.

You decide to have a house extension for many reasons; a growing family has given you the need for more bedrooms and perhaps an extra living room, a bigger kitchen or play area – but you love your house and don’t want to leave. Alternatively, you may decide to invest in an extension to help increase the overall value of the property, so that when the time comes to move on, you can make that transition more cost-effective.

Whatever your motivation, you need a house extension builder who can help with every individual element of the process – this cuts down both on cost and stress, allowing the build to flow without a hitch.

A house extension – without breaking the bank

From the first foundations, to the last slate on the roof, we can build and fit out your entire house extension – and we won’t charge you the earth to do it. We believe in fair pricing and offer every customer a free, no obligation quote, giving you time to consider your options and weigh up the benefits.

With a highly qualified team of carpenters, electricians and plumbers, plus many other professionals at our disposal. Our house extension building team is comprehensive, capable and committed to quality – we want you to have the very best, so that’s exactly what we provide.

When you are ready to speak to us about your extension, please feel free to call us for a friendly and informal chat about your requirements.