Shop fronts

Commercial Shopfronts

The shop front is the first thing that people see when they walk down a line of shops or when they do their window shopping. Therefore the design and materials that you use for your facade have a major influence in your business success. Aluminium is the most preferred material for shop fronts due to its versatility, durability and strength but wood and PVCu are options. This is due to various reasons outlined below.

Aluminium – Versatility

The best thing about aluminium is that it can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. Because of this, it can be retrofitted to any existing structure or surface. It can be curved or shaped into angles and the finished product will be seamless, with no joints that are usually the spots where leaks and damage starts to occur. Since aluminium can be coated with paint in hundreds of colours, it can be used in various types of architectural situations to provide your target market an appealing first impression to your shop. Aluminium shop fronts can be combined with most types of window, door system, or material too. It can be customised any way you want design you require. Let us know what you require so we can come up with a product and design that best fits your needs.

Aluminium – Durable and Strength

Aluminium is a very durable material despite being lightweight. Aluminium will not warp or become brittle due to heat, it will not corrode in rain and can withstand extreme weather. Due to its strength aluminium is best for automation of doors because it is designed for heavy use, which makes it ideal for schools, offices, retail stores, and hospitals. Your shop front will be very strong and can match or even surpass the strength of steel, thus enhancing your security.

Aluminium is Economical

Although aluminium is more expensive than other materials with its strength durability and longevity it makes this material the most economic to use in the life cyle cost of any building. Maintaining is very cost effective too.

Aluminium is Renewable Material

Aluminium can be recycled. In fact, most aluminium found today contains a high percentage of recycled material and because recycling does not diminish the strength of aluminium you can still be assured that you durable material.